Leadership Team


Brian VanderHorst

Austin Maddox

Anne Feczko, APRN

Charity Gutierrez

NeighborHub Health
Chief Executive Officer

Brian VanderHorst has been part of the NeighborHub Health team since 2014.  Prior to becoming CEO, Brian served as COO for the organization.  He has over 22 years of experience in health care practice administration.

NeighborHub Health
Chief Financial Officer

Austin Maddox joined NeighborHub Health in February 2016 as CFO.  Prior to being employed by NHH, he performed CFO/Director of Finance duties part-time through a contract with his previous employer.

NeighborHub Health
Medical Director

Anne Fezcko


NeighborHub Health
Senior Director of Operations

Charity Gutierrez joined NeighborHub Health in 2021 as Senior Director of Operations of the Health Care for the Homeless Program. She has over 25 years of experience in health in avenues of operations and revenue cycle.

About Us

In 1986 NeighborHub Health (formerly known as Cincinnati Health Network) was established to exclusively provide healthcare for those experiencing homelessness throughout Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.  

Guided by the belief that healthcare is a fundamental right for all, NeighborHub Health has grown from one physician working out of a converted bread truck, to now having multiple physical locations as well as state of the art mobile medical and dental vans.  Our team of physicians, nurse practitioners, psychiatrists, dentists, dental hygienists, behavioral health counselors, and support staff provide compassionate care during each of our annual 44,000 patient visits.  

Key Information: 

  • Each year over 25,000 individuals experience homelessness in the Greater Cincinnati area 
  • Statistics show that the death rate for those experiencing homelessness is almost four times greater than that of the general population  
  • Like the general population, our patients experience debilitating conditions (diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mental illness, substance use etc.). but each of their conditions are exacerbated by lack of a place to rest, to mend, and to heal
  • Housing instability creates a transient nature 
    • NeighborHub Health has developed a delivery model designed to meet those experiencing homelessness where they live and congregate
    • We strive to be our patient’s medical home   
  • Access to care at NeighborHub Health reduces patients’ use of hospital emergency rooms as a primary resource for medical care resulting in: 
    • better patient continuity of care  
    • medical cost savings 
    • reduction in patient wait times  
  • Regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, we provide: 
    • comprehensive integrated medical, dental, and behavioral health services, including substance use disorder services and supportive services

NeighborHub Health serves as a federal grantee for the Ryan White Part C Program. 

  • We partner with community providers to deliver the highest quality services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS   
  • Our program facilitates the identification and care of HIV infected individuals by linking outreach, testing, primary care physician consultation, behavioral health, and medical case management services in Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana


New initiatives that will allow NeighborHub Health to improve our patients’ lives are constantly being developed:  

  • Workforce development programs 
  •  Legal seminars 
  •  In-house pharmacy 
  •  Foot care program   


We recognize that for most of us the thought of experiencing homelessness is incomprehensible. When hard times occur, NeighborHub Health is here to assist our patients through their challenges. Our vision is to be the primary regional provider of integrated healthcare and comprehensive resources for the Greater Cincinnati unhoused and HIV populations by 2032. With your continued support and the tremendous work of our dedicated staff we are confident in our ability to continue to provide support and outstanding healthcare for our patients.  

Board of Directors

The NeighborHub Health of Directors consists of individuals representing the Health Care for the Homeless Program, the Ryan White Part C HIV/AIDS Program and the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB). CAB members provide input to the Board from the patient perspective. The Board composition represents the cultural diversity of the communities and population served. 

Board Officers

John Cobey

Board Chair

Toni Winston

Board Vice-Chair


Bobbie Cox

Board Treasurer

Olivia Ferrari

Board Secretary


Board Members

Jerry Bedford

Sandra Driggins-Smith

Valerie Costello

Barry Gibberman

Kelly Dunnigan

Terry Hatton

Jeannetta Hegwood

Mat Jackson

Mona Jenkins

Bobby Turner